Popular Mixes by Industry

AccuSpan (formerly AG Gases and Equipment Limited) have built a worldwide business around supplying speciality gases: We have several key objectives; To provide a consistently accurate blend of gases; Offer our customers a reliable, world class service; Be the preferred choice for industry, both analytical and manufacturing.

We keep our manufacturing and blending processes under very tight control to ensure that the gasses we provide conform to rigorous ISO 6142 standards and provide a consistent product that customers can rely on.


Our gas mixtures are supplied with a certificate of composition giving all mix details including concentration of components, accuracy, pressure, gas volume, storage information, shelf life and international traceability.

All our blended gases are mixed under strict environmental conditions to ensure that no contaminants are present in the final product and that gases are free from moisture. The gases we use are first analysed to certify that they are pure before the mixing process is carried out. Constant calibration of our equipment ensure that tolerances are held to a fraction of a percent and the final mixture is stable and ready to use by our valued customers.


We are ISO 9001 approved,

and pride ourselves on quality of service

Biological Growth Control

Carbon dioxide / Hydrogen in Nitrogen
Carbon dioxide in Nitrogen
Carbon dioxide in Oxygen

BTEX calibration

Ethyl benzene

Natural Gas Mixtures

All Hydrocarbons in custom mixes as requited for your application.


FID Fuel

Hydrogen in Helium

Food Packaging

Carbon dioxide in Nitrogen

Gas Detection

Hydrogen sulphide, Carbon Monoxide, Methane and Oxygen in Nitrogen
All flammable LEL mixtures
All reactive gases SO2, H2S, NO, NO2, NH3, CO, C12, HCI, ETOX
Quad gas mixes of H2S, CO, O2, CH4 in Nitrogen
Bespoke quad mixes