Cylinders Options

The choice of gas cylinder is very much dependant on factors such as; product compatibility and cylinder and valve suitability.

Some cylinders are unsuitable for certain types of products. Our experts will be able to advise you of the most suitable and cost effective cylinders for your needs. We will look at the gas storage life, usage, portability and equipment needs.

We can also make recommendation for the correct regulator for your cylinder as well as installation of pipework and make suggestions about how the gases are stored within the workplace environment.  

A solution to the disposal of Unwanted Cylinders

Being environmentally and safety conscious we can offer a service to remove unwanted cylinders in the UK

For more details Tel: +44(0)1782 616611

Non-Refillable Cylinders

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112 Litre Aluminium NRC

103 Litre Aluminium NRC

60 Litre Aluminium NRC

34 Litre Steel NRC

34 Litre Aluminium NRC

12 Litre Aluminium NRC

We are alway happy to remove unwanted used cylinders.

High Pressure Cylinders

50 Litre Aluminium HPC

50 Litre Steel HPC

20 Litre Aluminium HPC

20 Litre Steel HPC

10 Litre Aluminium HPC

10 Litre Steel HPC

5 Litre Aluminium HPC

5 Litre Steel HPC

We are alway happy to remove unwanted used cylinders.